Blog #1 Date: 2013-May 31


I introduce self. Vera Fenutzini from Second Life.  I love fashion world, model, and much of Second Life have offer.  I not speak English best but learn.  In lesson Professor state give blog chance for learn more.  So I try here.  I hope is enjoy for you.  I never blog be for today 🙂

I start model in Second Life 18 month be fore today.  I try hard but never got Lindens for instruct.  I watch many big model in show, watch photograph on flickr and many magazine.  Learn much and try contest for start.  I enter first Miss Danielle contest in April 2012.  Much surprise I win!  Was excite and opportunity for first profession instruct of model with famus Model.  I take all lesson and try one more contest.  They not even reply for my nc.  I not let it stop me.  I go to next contest and win!  I now have title of Miss Danielle and Face of Zuris.  Miss Danielle was from Styles of Danielle clothe.  Face of Zuris was from Jewelry by Zuris.  Both lady is much nice, I pride in wear title.  Each store is fill with much beauty design.  You visit and shop, may be we visit same time?

When I win Face of Zuris I win so much more than prise.  I win best friend and now family in Second Life, Hez and KarlinJames.  Both help me much and teach me how for be sucessful in model world. Is honor to be choice of Miss Danielle and Face of Zuri, and best to have grow friendship.

I hope you enjoy #1 Blog.  I try do enter #2 Blog soon





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