Blog #2 Who is Vera Fenutzini


Hello Blog Visitor!

I wish for introduce me.  Vera Fenutzini, in Second Life.  I come in Second Life on January 25, 2010 with hope of explore passion in RL, of fashion and model career.  It take much time for me learn, I not know English well but learn in RL at local institution.  This mark year three for me and I find I meet many people I call friend and family.  It not start un till I decide “Vera, enter contest, is fun!”  Before I enter contest I never go out of house exsept for shop time.  I learn how walk straite and how turn good.

In 2012 I enter Miss Danielle.  It take me on roller coster ride.  It was big excite to find out Vera Fenutzini win Miss Danielle 2012!  That day change all life.  I meet big models from MVW and learn much of style for self.  I change look, and begin hard work of learn how to style best.



Next I see post for new contest “Face of Zuri”   I think, ‘why not try?”  If fail, I win much education.  I make it thru many level of Face of Zuri contest, and final day I hear magic word “Winner is Vera!”  I cry in RL of happy tear.  It was dream finaly come true.  It was in Face of Zuri I meet my SL sister and family.  They help me and guide me to school of MVW.  This week end I find out if I finish final class.  I hope is pass!

Since time of Face of Zuri, I go forward and try many new thing, I even go dance in SL for 2nd time!  I love new life, and excite thing that happen much.


I meet so many great people and love learn each day. In photo I am honor for wear the Vera Gown from Danielle.  It come in many color style.  Dani use me in photographs for vendor of many item now.  Is odd for walk in store and see own face, still is honor and make me blush.  I wear Zuris Jewelry new jewelry name Starburst Onyx Elite.  It change many color and is great match for many thing.  Please come see in store and support Miss Dani and Miss Zuris!   Much thanks for read blog.

I do more soon!




To go Styles of Danielle:


To go to Zuris Jewelry:


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