Blog #3 Dot-Be Fashion Gift & Animalistic hunt

I happy for say Dot-Be Fashion give me chance for blog.  Today I show you two item.

Item #1 is FREE for you if join Dot-Be Fashion group inworld.  Mr. BonieFacio Resident make beautiful jacket for June Gift!  Each month he give nice clothe.  So go join group and wear nice jacket!


Next I show you Item #2 is for the Animalistic Hunt.  I love shirt.  Very sexy look with blue and black.


The Animalistic Hunt is a grid wide hunt with prizes dealing with animals.

You will need to hunt out a small green sculpted dog bone at each location to claim your prize.

All dog bones are 1l and will contain a prize and a landmark.

To get started, simply teleport to the starting location and hunt out their dog bone.

Sample can be found on the banner.

The start location can be found via the blog or by clicking on any hunt banner.

Once you have found & purchased it, look for the folder created in your recent items tab of your inventory.

Find the landmark of the next location inside there and double click to teleport there.

Now just do the searching all over again at this store, and continue on like this until you have all the dog bones.

If you get stuck along the way, make sure to check out the blog, as it will have hints and stores to skip listed along with other important information.

Consequentially, you can join the hunt group to get live help. To join the group just click on any hunt banner and click the link given in the local chat history.


Visit Dot-Be Fashion quick quick!


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