BLOG #5 MVW Open

Many ask me do blog for MVW how I get in and what challenge item I use. Is honor to say I represent China in 2014 Miss Virtual World. I only live in China for short time in life but have family still live there. It close to heart and is hope I honor country.

I apply for MVW two time. On #1 try I not get pick. This what I wear.  I love style still but it not get me pick for MVW Cast #1 of 2014.

What you think of it?


It not get me down, I just try next time they have open audition! I hear lady get up set when she no get pick, I think in SL we have much opportunity.  She fuss in group chat and complain!  I shock when hear all word of hate and anger.  Why let anger guide life?

Simple try next time :>  So I try!

July MVW Cast #2 – Nite be for cast I finish clothe style and ask for other to look. Some say it not look good, it look like prom gown but I still try. I go to cast next day wear this clothe


It was big surprise when find out I GET PICK! I not know what way to go or even what in store for me! I not big name model and never have big opportunity like MVW! I decide that I wish represent country where grand parent still live. It have much beauty and much love and smile in memory of life, China!

It seem like so long I take walk for #2 try in MVW Cast, we have many challenge and thing happen. I not able blog much as like but I try to get all up date! You get hear of each step I take in this great dream that true for me. I do other blog this week and show you more :>

Now is late I go rest be for I not have beauty sleep hahaha

Much love and smile to every one
Vera Fenutzini
Miss China

PLEASE NOTE I not have English as main language, be kind of word I say or write wrong.  Is still time I learn and Blog help me practice and learn :>


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