#7 Blog Build with Blocks by Vera Fenutzini

Day I get pick for Miss Virtual World I feel much excite and happy.  Many people say kind words in group make me feel much love.  Then snake stick head out and evil show.  Dark heart come and try spread evil.  She said to me “I steal shape you have!”  It feel like some one strike me in chest.  WHY some one so hate fill and evil?  I never even meet this person even today! So how can they hate me so much?  Later I learn she is evil fill spirit that try make all feel bad.  Black heart spill over to all she try touch. Lady I not know you but feel you may read this, karma come back to you.  I not have be evil or say mean words it come to you.

I go thru Miss Virtual Contest, and not see any more words she say.  Then only 3 week back some one show me Market Place ad.  It shape and photo of me for sale!  OMG! I want to cry, hit, kick and even scream!  Boy friend say he had seen it but not want hurt me and so not show it.  That day tho, I get see it.  Only 2 day back sister had said joke of we need contest of see ‘who can make Vera mad”  That lady win!  That all she win tho.  In less 12 hour Linden remove ad.


Then I start think more of how sad lady is.

We all start SL with same thing.  Like child with blocks.  We have block for hair, skin, shape, even clothe.  Man has some blocks, Woman have other.  Still all have set of blocks.  As we ‘play’ with Blocks in SL we make individual avatar.

No one can take all blocks and steal for profit.  You take 1 block it not make whole build.  It in big scene is small rock in large build.  What make me most mad of all is she take advantage of people by sell shape for 1,000Ls!  I still feel hurt of that but I think I have fix for it.  ANY ONE who want my shape, is fine you can have.  I even give you ‘style help’  I not selfish or evil heart person.  SL is mean for people have fun, enjoy, smile, make friend.  It sad that some dark heart people tho take advantage.  I want to make this turn round tho.  So you want Vera shape?  Is here for you!


Yes, I charge 100L each what I do with 100% of all Linden that make on Shape sale tho, I donate to March of Dimes Charity to help new baby who need much help.  I not want take 1000Ls from you that mean greed and evil.  If you wish donate more than 100Ls, simple buy more shape copy.  This go for good cause and make sure good win over bad!

I hope all enjoy!   Be happy and collect many blocks in SL to build beauty and good!


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