#8 Kindess

Today I come in SL and have IM from stranger I not know. Some time talk with stranger is good some time no.  Today it good.  I ask if ok I share with you words we have, because I feel that this happen to many time in SL and RL.  Fear take over and hold you back.  Never let fear hold back what you wish do :>  Some time there is only fear that you hold no where else.  I think I speak for many model in SL when say this, no one of us are to big to speak to others.  We are not Divas, or Goddess’ to good to speak to some one.  We care, we share, we live and learn just like many others each day.  It not matter what we do with our SL because we still are same heart inside.  If take time to read this, I hope you share some kindness with some one today

Please know I get confuse when IM initial time.  I think she ask of MVW National Costume, then realize she speak of Halloween costume.  You see in chat log where I get confuse, but it all get sort out.  She give me permission to share log.  Hope have happy day!

>hug< Vera


[19:29] Star Moon (stator.modan): (Saved Tue Feb 18 13:51:34 2014)Hello. I just had to IM you and tell you that you are one of the most beautiful avatars I’ve seen in sl. I seen your photograph on Market Place advertising 3D dragon claws. I’m so impressed with the outfit and accessories you wore. Can you please tell me where you found them. I would very much like to get the claws along your cheeks and look at other items they might have. Thank you so much for your attention to my request. Again bravo on your beautiful avatar.
[19:31] Vera Fenutzini: Hello :> Much thanks you make me blush
[19:31] Vera Fenutzini: I wear many design for MVW National costume
[19:31] Vera Fenutzini: dragon claw/nail come from Moondance, I send you LM
[19:31] Star Moon (stator.modan): smiles that would probably make you even more beautiful with a rosy glow
[19:32] Second Life: Inventory item offered
[19:32] Vera Fenutzini: hahaha
[19:32] Vera Fenutzini: you much kind
[19:32] Star Moon (stator.modan): thank you for the Land Mark
[19:32] Vera Fenutzini: Dress I wear was special create by Mr Enzo Champagne
[19:32] Vera Fenutzini: It come from Champagne design I send LM there
[19:32] Second Life: Inventory item offered
[19:32] Star Moon (stator.modan): What about your wings
[19:33] Vera Fenutzini: and jewels come from Miss Belle from Chop Zuey
[19:33] Vera Fenutzini: wings?
[19:33] Vera Fenutzini: Oh red?
[19:33] Second Life: Inventory item offered
[19:33] Star Moon (stator.modan): oh I love Chop Zuey
[19:33] Vera Fenutzini: :> Miss Belle honor me by make jewels for MVW
[19:33] Star Moon (stator.modan): wings
[19:33] Vera Fenutzini: I have look at photo I not wear any wing
[19:33] Star Moon (stator.modan): Shes so nice.
[19:34] Vera Fenutzini: I did wear fire extra but it particle
[19:34] Vera Fenutzini: and nail blow out fire to :>
[19:34] Star Moon (stator.modan): i bought them but i didn’t get them. I have to send a notecard
[19:34] Vera Fenutzini: wait I see if Miss Kat on line
[19:34] Vera Fenutzini: she is dear friend
[19:34] Vera Fenutzini: no
[19:35] Vera Fenutzini: she not now
[19:35] Star Moon (stator.modan): ok
[19:35] Vera Fenutzini: but she come on much
[19:35] Vera Fenutzini: I send her message for you to :>
[19:35] Star Moon (stator.modan): ty
[19:35] Star Moon (stator.modan): you don’t see any wings
[19:35] Vera Fenutzini: 1 minute I wear entire costume and tp you :>
[19:36] Star Moon (stator.modan): ok
[19:36] Second Life: Teleport offer sent to Star Moon.
[19:37] Vera Fenutzini: it may be part of dress you see as wing
[19:37] Vera Fenutzini: it have dragon on side
[19:37] Vera Fenutzini: that have cloth
[19:37] Star Moon (stator.modan): it might be your rezzing
[19:37] Star Moon (stator.modan): no you  didn’t have on a dress
[19:37] Vera Fenutzini: Oh
[19:37] Vera Fenutzini: which one?
[19:37] Vera Fenutzini: is black?
[19:37] Star Moon (stator.modan): let me get the URL for pict
[19:37] Vera Fenutzini: ok
[19:37] Star Moon (stator.modan): yes
[19:37] Vera Fenutzini: may be halloween
[19:38] Vera Fenutzini: ok this is one I give you info for I sorry I get mix up
[19:38] Star Moon (stator.modan): you were modling fingernails
[19:38] Vera Fenutzini: this?
[19:38] Star Moon (stator.modan): That is a beautiful outfit also
[19:38] Vera Fenutzini: :>
[19:38] Star Moon (stator.modan): yes theres the wings
[19:38] Vera Fenutzini: ok :>
[19:38] Vera Fenutzini: I go thru and give you style card
[19:38] Vera Fenutzini: this is clothe I put together with MANY out fit
[19:38] Star Moon (stator.modan): You are so kind.thank you
[19:39] Vera Fenutzini: I start at head and go down
[19:39] Star Moon (stator.modan): ok
[19:39] Vera Fenutzini: Hair come from Boudoir
[19:39] Vera Fenutzini: just say if want LM :>
[19:39] Star Moon (stator.modan): The mask is amazing
[19:39] Vera Fenutzini: That from Utopia
[19:40] Star Moon (stator.modan): or hood i’m not sure what they call whats on your forhead
[19:40] Vera Fenutzini: it was halloween clothe
[19:40] Vera Fenutzini: call Dark C.
[19:40] Vera Fenutzini: yes :>
[19:40] Vera Fenutzini: is “mask”
[19:40] Vera Fenutzini: that to is where Wing come from
[19:40] Vera Fenutzini: Is part of Utopia Dark C. Clothe design
[19:40] Star Moon (stator.modan): very nice
[19:41] Vera Fenutzini: skelenton on neck and face is Gizza
[19:41] Star Moon (stator.modan): your teeth. I didn’t notice them before
[19:41] Vera Fenutzini: it come from her halloween clothe
[19:41] Vera Fenutzini: hahaha
[19:41] Vera Fenutzini: yes :>
[19:41] Vera Fenutzini: nail is still Moondance
[19:41] Star Moon (stator.modan): yes
[19:41] Vera Fenutzini: Miss Kat do all of nail for MVW
[19:42] Star Moon (stator.modan): I was going to ask if you got to keep the outfit but i see you did. Thats so nice
[19:42] Vera Fenutzini: E-Clipse is leg, and feathers on chest
[19:42] Vera Fenutzini: yes I save all of clothe folders any time I have challenge
[19:42] Star Moon (stator.modan): i just started making this dragon today and then i seen you and i want to look like that not this.
[19:42] Vera Fenutzini: that way if need it for other I have :>
[19:42] Vera Fenutzini: You do good
[19:42] Vera Fenutzini: E-Clipse have this I show you
[19:42] Star Moon (stator.modan): no your gorgeous
[19:43] Vera Fenutzini: it not all way
[19:43] Vera Fenutzini: but it still have many part that good
[19:43] Second Life: Inventory item offered
[19:43] Star Moon (stator.modan): ok
[19:43] Second Life: Star Moon (stator.modan) received your inventory offer.
[19:43] Vera Fenutzini: Lady steal my shape
[19:43] Vera Fenutzini: so get her back
[19:43] Star Moon (stator.modan): wow nice
[19:43] Vera Fenutzini: I put it on market for any one who want it
[19:44] Vera Fenutzini: I donate money to childrens charity
[19:44] Vera Fenutzini: I give you link if you want it :>
[19:44] Star Moon (stator.modan): yes people have no respect.
[19:44] Star Moon (stator.modan): yes please.
[19:44] Vera Fenutzini: one moment I find :>
[19:44] Star Moon (stator.modan): ok
[19:44] Vera Fenutzini: yes it like I tell many
[19:44] Vera Fenutzini: it not matter if share shape
[19:44] Vera Fenutzini: every one have different heart
[19:44] Vera Fenutzini: and design
[19:45] Star Moon (stator.modan): yes I make my own shape also. Not this dragon. what I normally wear.
[19:45] Vera Fenutzini: :> me to
[19:45] Vera Fenutzini: it fun try make changes I think
[19:46] Star Moon (stator.modan): Have you been modeling long?
[19:46] Vera Fenutzini: three year
[19:46] Star Moon (stator.modan): yes I think so also
[19:46] Vera Fenutzini: I only try go for contest tho 2 year back
[19:46] Vera Fenutzini: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/REAL-Special-Edition-Miss-China-14/5688753
[19:46] Vera Fenutzini: this it but
[19:46] Vera Fenutzini: I pass you some thing 1 minute I find
[19:47] Star Moon (stator.modan): They need to sell complete avatars for newbies until they are here for a while they don’t know whats out there. if they bought an inexpensive one that was complete with hair, eyes, AO everything.



Here I pass her shape for model.

[19:47] Second Life: Inventory item offered
[19:47] Second Life: Star Moon (stator.modan) received your inventory offer.
[19:47] Vera Fenutzini: :> is gift
[19:48] Vera Fenutzini: if wish donate to charity can still do
[19:48] Star Moon (stator.modan): wow that is so much better
[19:48] Vera Fenutzini: :>
[19:48] Vera Fenutzini: yes is hard learn some thing
[19:49] Vera Fenutzini: if ever you have question or need help
[19:49] Star Moon (stator.modan): yes
[19:49] Vera Fenutzini: I happy try help you
[19:49] Vera Fenutzini: I not all ways have rite answer but I try :>
[19:49] Star Moon (stator.modan): I bet you have won a lot of modeling competitions.
[19:50] Vera Fenutzini: I win some and some I not :>
[19:50] Star Moon (stator.modan): You have been so much help.
[19:50] Vera Fenutzini: is ok tho every time I win the lesson of what do rite and what do wrong
[19:50] Vera Fenutzini: and learn is all ways big win :> even if not pick for prize
[19:50] Star Moon (stator.modan): I hesitated IM you. I thought shes a model she won’t take the time to give me a LM. I was so wrong. I won’t pre judge people  now
[19:50] Vera Fenutzini: :>
[19:51] Vera Fenutzini: I all time try be kind to all
[19:51] Vera Fenutzini: even if take some time is ok :>
[19:51] Star Moon (stator.modan): You have a good heart.
[19:51] Star Moon (stator.modan): More people should be like you.
[19:51] Vera Fenutzini: with no help from other I never get far either, I had learn and grow to, and others teach me
[19:52] Vera Fenutzini: you make me smile :> much thanks
[19:52] Vera Fenutzini: I happy help any time
[19:52] Star Moon (stator.modan): your very welcome. Everything I said came true from my heart.
[19:52] Vera Fenutzini: :>  I glad
[19:52] Second Life: You have offered friendship to Star Moon (stator.modan)
[19:52] Second Life: Star Moon accepted your friendship offer.
[19:52] Second Life: Star Moon (stator.modan) is online.
[19:53] Vera Fenutzini: Please never hesitate if need any thing IM :>
[19:53] Star Moon (stator.modan): Thank you i feel blessed to be your friend.
[19:53] Vera Fenutzini: is honor for me :>
[19:53] Vera Fenutzini: never in life have to many people call friend :>
[19:53] Star Moon (stator.modan): Tear comes to my eye.
[19:53] Vera Fenutzini: >hug<
[19:53] Star Moon (stator.modan): thank you
[19:53] Vera Fenutzini: no tear only happy ones :>
[19:54] Star Moon (stator.modan): I will go and let you get back to sl. I will try to make a beautiful dragon for myself.
[19:54] Star Moon (stator.modan): Thank you again so much


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