#9 Violator MVW News!

Many lady prepare for long months before, but on December 14, 2013 only one could win the title, Miss Virtual World 2014!  Months of challenges had led up to the day, but when we walk out it amaze me how much creativity, beauty, and design was pour into the final day.  Anjelica Carling wear a breath-taking national costume design by the talent at Violator. Owner and lead designer, Miss Soraya Vaher created this amazing costume for Angelica and rightfully she took the crown.  A beautiful lady in side and out.


This regal design of traditional Japanese formal wear have much detail in cloth, and delicate design on expensive silk.  You feel like real Queen when walk out.  No shown here but also include is a face frame make of solid gold.  That is joy of this though, you can wear so many ways!  It is personal chose and you get be both Queen and original! 


The deep red ruby face jewels call, VIOLATOR – Rapture – jewel Lashes & Brows look great with this too!  I also add jewelry that I wear on that day I never will forget.  They were make by Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey and name Pagoda Passion.  An Asian mix of beauty and royalty! 




Chop Zuey




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