#10 Blog – Floras Fashion Contest Winner

It such excite last nite when final list come out of top three of Floras Fashion Dress Up Contest for March, and I see my name there! These ladys make it to top 3!
1.Lira Savira
2. Vera Fenutzini
We each put in photo for be consider.  I put in this photo and inspire for it was fashion from a time and era over 5 year back.  This what I do:

and long body photo is this


I chose this clothe design for vintage Paris designs.  This style clothe was much popular in early 1900s and many ladies feel like true beauty queen when wear it.  I love velvet and lace look, also with feathers and hat.  It all ways have been favorite for me.

I was much fill with excite but scare to for top three challenge.  We each get ‘angel’ that we have style but all so put in twist of Mardi Gras.  Angel I get was Marina-The angel of water and marine creatures ,ocean,sea etc and everything related to water.  That make me happy.  I love ocean and water.  So I begin style much late at nite, and have small time to day to work on clothe.  I modify some clothe, and make some clothe, and design this.  I hope you like!  It was excite to be name winner. This my inspiration of Marina.   >hug< Vera!




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