All are human “.:JUMO:. Afrika My Love”

You ever have a day that not any thing seem go rite?  Me to!  Except on Saturday I make error, and big error!  Some say “it ok, it happen for us all” but for me it was #1 time I ever make this big “oops” in all of model career. Saturday was show for BLVD we showcase some of the Fashion for Life exclusive clothe.  This is great event, if you have not visit, you must go.  Also on Monday 6/16/2014 at 4pm SLT we will have fashion show that will show you much of other exclusive designs available.

On Saturday tho, I had four design to walk.  Simple?  Never get comfortable, this is when errors occur!  For me, I get 1 design last moment and try to style it while wait for it come in line. It was final walk, so I had much time I could try finish it.  I try concentrate on to much things and that when it all fall apart.

Walk one and two go great,  Walk three well….this is where Vera loss her mind.  I walk out for walk #3 which was supose be this beautiful design by Jumo call Afrika My Love.


A beautiful glittery gown, so form fit with flow skirt and neckline.  Matching opera glove come with this mesh gown.  I had adore this gown when it arrive and I style it.  But when it time for me to walk on it, I wear walk #4 clothe!  When time for Walk 4 they ask “Vera ready?” and it all come together I miss entire walk!   I feel like fool but realize to we all are human behind avatars.  We make mistake.  I learn much from this and hope that all will forgive me.  I want share with you tho this gown.  It deserve to be shown.  I hope you enjoy and will pay Miss Jumo a visit to see Afrika My Love in person.



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