Ghee ‘n Chop Zuey Beauty in Colors

Beauty flows in much colors with Ghee and Chop Zuey.  This gown is make from  ghee Spiked Corset  Colour Change and Spiked Mermaid Skirt (Liquid Mesh) which premier at Fashion for Life event. What make this design so unique is the flow of color that change one design into much different ones!  Yes the photo you see  below is ONE design!  I not change one time.  This flow of color make it perfect match to any great accessory.   I add the Spiked Sandals and Collar to give great color flow.  They to change colors!  Miss Beatrice Serendipity design this unique collection which may be you now think ‘Why I not get this??’ and be sad that FFL finish.  Well, Miss Bea tell me secret that I tell you now… The Colour Change Spiked Set will be available in the Ghee Store SOON!  Keep check in store and some day soon you will get opportunity to own this beauty design.

gizza ghee blog_001


When I think of color flow, it make think of waves and beauty.  What best go with flow and beauty than Chop Zueys “Sailing to Byzantium’ jeweled hat.  This hat is special to the Art in Hats event.

chop zuey


This design is one when I see it take breath.  It so detail and fill with jewels like Aquamarines, Garnets, Padparadscha Sapphires, and Kalahari Diamonds!  Each color of the rainbow here with the beauty of oceans.  With in detail of this hat, you can read words that say so much.  I will give you peek ” ….and therefore I have sailed the seas and come to the holy city of Byzantium…and be the singing-masters of my soul, Consume my heart sick with desire…or set upon a golden bough to sing to lords and ladies of Byzantium”

You will enjoy these designs

Much love



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