Blog 727 11 Azul & Moondance

Some say beauty is on out side, some say is in side.  I say beauty live in side of heart and show on each step you take.  It can keep you in smile or make final breath, still all life, all beauty in heart.  With all you meet and make friend each day.  I miss this so much over last months.  I miss friends in SL and family in SL.  I not come on because you see I had sun set in real life for three family member.  First Brother loss life in car accident.  He leave behind small baby and wife who now mean much for me and keep Brothers heart beat here on earth.  Next Father join him.  He have much stress and doctor feel that stress of brother death and all travel we had do at time, put pressures on heart that finally fail.  Father sun have just set and Mother become much sad.  She meet father at age 14 and marry him two year after.  They never miss day of say how much each mean to them.  To see Mother and Father as one I get honor of see love, true love.  This love all so put pain in Mother heart, and make much sad time.  This sad is dark place and it finally take the light of her beauty to this pass June.  Now I live in USA all lone with no RL Family.  It is new life for me and I hope is good one day.  Rite now I wish just keep busy, have friend and keep light happy in heart.  So much sun have set in life for me, is time to have new day.  For new day #1 in SL I wish walk in wear some thing from Miss Mami Jewell of Azul name Abigail.  She make this design for Lexi Project and is for sale there.  All so I put with pretty gown a new set from Kat Carter of Moondance call Meili.  She laugh when I see all new release and go WOW!!!! She say “You see Meili yes?”  It is #1 in favorites for me!  I hope you visit this two store and love new day much as me :>

Much love and so glad be backblog727_001






Mami Jewell



Moondance Jewels Meili Jewely & Nails Set

Kathrin Dassin



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