Tribute to Great Designers Mami & Belle

Time not far back, I scare as I go in to Miss Virtual World 2014.  I still new model and never dream I make in to such big contest.  One question answer easy for me tho, who is designer I wish ask work with me for final event.  Talent of Azul and Chop Zuey of course!  I all ways have admire both designer and it honor me when both accept my request for help.  We work together for long months and even thru Miss Mami sickness and other hurdle we make it to final day.  Miss Belle come thru with briteness of diamond to!



In event MVW Finals I get wear red version of this designs.  I have honor to get opportunity to show case now to.  Much know Azul have grand open of new store.  It humble me when I see Miss Mami bring back exclusive gown that we work togethers on!  So today I wish show you a gown she name from me, Vera in Emerald.  I pair with Pagoda Passion Blu from Chop Zuey.  It recreate great memory for me in new beauty fill colors.  I love see other ladys wear this designs, it much special to heart for me.  I want say much thanks to Miss Belle of Chop Zuey, and to Miss Mami of Azul for share talent, time and friendship.  You make memory that smile in heart all time.

Much thanks and Love

>HUG< Vera


Chop Zuey


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