MVW 2016 TOP 13! Tribute to the 20 Misses

This Blog tribute to:

MISS V♛ ANDORRA                                      Roxaane Fyanucci
MISS V♛ ARGENTINA                                    Quinty Sirnah
MISS V♛ AUSTRALIA                                     Falinakatze
MISS V♛ BELGIUM                                        Orelana Resident
MISS V♛ BRAZIL                                            Lanna Axel
MISS V♛ CANADA                                          Danity Mynx
MISS V♛ CHILE                                              Hannah Naimarc
MISS V♛ CURACAO                                      Jaily Bailey
MISS V♛ DENMARK                                      Redtess69 Resident
MISS V♛ EGYPT                                            Averil
MISS V♛ FRANCE                                         Joys Cuttita
MISS V♛ GERMANY                                      Eleanorjean
MISS V♛ GREECE                                         Vanessadelrio Underwood
MISS V♛ ICELAND                                        Tiviyah Resident
MISS V♛ JAMAICA                                        Jan1 Ying
MISS V♛ LUXEMBOURG                              Itarillia Resident
MISS V♛ MONACO                                       Joelis Allen
MISS V♛ NETHERLANDS                            AddyOmena
MISS V♛ NORWAY                                        Mscherie Resident
MISS V♛ SWITZERLAND                              Phedra Diavol
MISS V♛ UNITED KINGDOM                         Brianna Beresford
Cloud 9 bw

Today big day, with much emotion.  I here much people talk of walk on cloud so happy, I think that is were my foot place rite now.  I not can put in words how much happy, honor, surprise, excite, and 100 other feeling that go thru my heart rite now.  Is such honor and something I have dream of now for 3 year.  I cry when I see notice.  Much happy tear, but some tear shed for the ladys name that not on list. These lady not get great messages today.  They feel hurt in heart, I know I have walk in the shoes. Try much hard and get quick end of road.

We begin MVW as family of 33 ladys.  Each one new to MVW 2016, and this sisterhood.  I meet new friends, and see some old.  It such big competition yet is way to explain we each want others to succeed.  We smile together, laugh, sigh and even cry.  Then today we get news, 33 go to 13.  20 ladys today get news, journey has end for MVW 2016.  I had think I will be in 20, and heart all ready had start feel sad even Saturday.  I cry after event think “this end of road, I not get do this any more”

It not the event, it is challenge to build self, to learn to grow.  It not base on who will win crown or title to me.  It opportunity to better self.  It opportunity to meet others, learn from others.  Gain friendships, gain knowledge.  Today, this part get small and contest will start spot lite on 13 ladys.  Each you will learn.  MVW, it not all fashion, is friendship, honor, and much much more. So I not want focus on what I achieve today, I want focus on 20 beautiful ladys. How much they work, and GREAT work they do.  I want each person who read this, please take moment to say great job or some nice words to this ladys on list.  Twenty lady who tonite sit with sad heart, and need hug.  They know they do great, I know they do great.  So much talent I have honor of walk with.  I want each lady know, is honor I get meet you, and hope see you on runway or as friend much soon.  You have much respect from me, and I give you big applause and a Vera >BIG HUG<  Never let this make definition of you.  Keep move forward, keep grow and know YOU HAVE GREAT HEART!  You are great person.

Much love,


In blog photo I wear

I wear:


WoW Skins, Charlize

Moondance Jewels Elegant Aurora


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