It hit runway today! BOSL Fashion Week 2015!  Beauty begin and unfold with great new design and much talent to show just for you!  It is honor I get pick to blog for BOSL Fashion Week so here we start with fun of this event! Oct 24th – 31st  and each day will feature great show for you!

BOSL FW 2015 01_001

I begin with Rayne design call Woman in Black.  This perfect design for Halloween and for Gothic style.  Is sexy yet simple.  The flower on hip form skirt that tease innocent but all know lady who wear this any thing but innocent!  Design come with great face shield and cute flower attachments.  It not just for Halloween!    We race to BOSL Fashion Week!


MVW 2016 TOP 13! Tribute to the 20 Misses

This Blog tribute to:

MISS V♛ ANDORRA                                      Roxaane Fyanucci
MISS V♛ ARGENTINA                                    Quinty Sirnah
MISS V♛ AUSTRALIA                                     Falinakatze
MISS V♛ BELGIUM                                        Orelana Resident
MISS V♛ BRAZIL                                            Lanna Axel
MISS V♛ CANADA                                          Danity Mynx
MISS V♛ CHILE                                              Hannah Naimarc
MISS V♛ CURACAO                                      Jaily Bailey
MISS V♛ DENMARK                                      Redtess69 Resident
MISS V♛ EGYPT                                            Averil
MISS V♛ FRANCE                                         Joys Cuttita
MISS V♛ GERMANY                                      Eleanorjean
MISS V♛ GREECE                                         Vanessadelrio Underwood
MISS V♛ ICELAND                                        Tiviyah Resident
MISS V♛ JAMAICA                                        Jan1 Ying
MISS V♛ LUXEMBOURG                              Itarillia Resident
MISS V♛ MONACO                                       Joelis Allen
MISS V♛ NETHERLANDS                            AddyOmena
MISS V♛ NORWAY                                        Mscherie Resident
MISS V♛ SWITZERLAND                              Phedra Diavol
MISS V♛ UNITED KINGDOM                         Brianna Beresford
Cloud 9 bw

Today big day, with much emotion.  I here much people talk of walk on cloud so happy, I think that is were my foot place rite now.  I not can put in words how much happy, honor, surprise, excite, and 100 other feeling that go thru my heart rite now.  Is such honor and something I have dream of now for 3 year.  I cry when I see notice.  Much happy tear, but some tear shed for the ladys name that not on list. These lady not get great messages today.  They feel hurt in heart, I know I have walk in the shoes. Try much hard and get quick end of road.

We begin MVW as family of 33 ladys.  Each one new to MVW 2016, and this sisterhood.  I meet new friends, and see some old.  It such big competition yet is way to explain we each want others to succeed.  We smile together, laugh, sigh and even cry.  Then today we get news, 33 go to 13.  20 ladys today get news, journey has end for MVW 2016.  I had think I will be in 20, and heart all ready had start feel sad even Saturday.  I cry after event think “this end of road, I not get do this any more”

It not the event, it is challenge to build self, to learn to grow.  It not base on who will win crown or title to me.  It opportunity to better self.  It opportunity to meet others, learn from others.  Gain friendships, gain knowledge.  Today, this part get small and contest will start spot lite on 13 ladys.  Each you will learn.  MVW, it not all fashion, is friendship, honor, and much much more. So I not want focus on what I achieve today, I want focus on 20 beautiful ladys. How much they work, and GREAT work they do.  I want each person who read this, please take moment to say great job or some nice words to this ladys on list.  Twenty lady who tonite sit with sad heart, and need hug.  They know they do great, I know they do great.  So much talent I have honor of walk with.  I want each lady know, is honor I get meet you, and hope see you on runway or as friend much soon.  You have much respect from me, and I give you big applause and a Vera >BIG HUG<  Never let this make definition of you.  Keep move forward, keep grow and know YOU HAVE GREAT HEART!  You are great person.

Much love,


In blog photo I wear

I wear:


WoW Skins, Charlize

Moondance Jewels Elegant Aurora

Sascha Subtle Black

Is time to make splash and step in to store call Saschas.  She is great designer with both casual and formal clothe.  There is accessory all so in store, so it one stop shop for all model need!  Rite be for Mother get much sick, I had great honor to blog for Miss Sascha.  Then RL make turn and I not in SL for some time.  I want try to catch up on much time need to blog so I want show you item she have send me, call Subtle Black.  I love this cute pant suit with baby doll style shirt.  It come with great sash for neck and perfect for cool nite that come near in future.  I want give apology Miss Sascha for not blog this when it send.  I hope much will love this design much !  Go Shop Saschas for all great designs



Tribute to Great Designers Mami & Belle

Time not far back, I scare as I go in to Miss Virtual World 2014.  I still new model and never dream I make in to such big contest.  One question answer easy for me tho, who is designer I wish ask work with me for final event.  Talent of Azul and Chop Zuey of course!  I all ways have admire both designer and it honor me when both accept my request for help.  We work together for long months and even thru Miss Mami sickness and other hurdle we make it to final day.  Miss Belle come thru with briteness of diamond to!



In event MVW Finals I get wear red version of this designs.  I have honor to get opportunity to show case now to.  Much know Azul have grand open of new store.  It humble me when I see Miss Mami bring back exclusive gown that we work togethers on!  So today I wish show you a gown she name from me, Vera in Emerald.  I pair with Pagoda Passion Blu from Chop Zuey.  It recreate great memory for me in new beauty fill colors.  I love see other ladys wear this designs, it much special to heart for me.  I want say much thanks to Miss Belle of Chop Zuey, and to Miss Mami of Azul for share talent, time and friendship.  You make memory that smile in heart all time.

Much thanks and Love

>HUG< Vera


Chop Zuey

Welcome Hawkers House to Veras Blog

I love get new IM say “Hi Vera We wish you consider blog for us!”  Some time I have say no but this time was friend.  He ask me if I consider blog for Hawkers House.  They have words “Hawker’s House…quality clothing for men and women, at affordable prices” and it much true words!  If you never have visit this store, you need try shop by!  They have much great design for man or woman and much item for every day wear.  Today I show you peek in to new designer I welcome to Veras Blog.

hh blog_001

This is new item they release is call Simplicity Tee in Gray and Skirted Leggings in Camo.  Both cute design make of mesh.  and fit perfect.  I add in  the OhmEga Mesh Wedge Boots in Ebony. Good for day fill in rain or day with sun in sky.  Fun clothe for fun ladys!  There is much design you can get 1 or all colors.

Welcome for Hawkers House!

September with Swank! And Rock Your Rack

I get honor of invite to blog for SWANK!  It is event each month that have GREAT fashion designs!  So much designer and talent with 1 location, it make perfect 1 stop shop!  So I show you some things that you can buy for rest of month.

From Swank I wear

WOW Skins V@ Susse in Milk color

WOW SKINS Sousse Lips tattoo

Semi Precious Mae Necklace & Earrings – Gold – Light Pack

All so in blog, I had add the Dulce Secrets super cute new dress and scarf call Peggy Sue.  It available at Rock Your Rack event.  This is great sim to.  It for charity and have so much show and live entertainment.

swank blog_001




Rock Your Rack

** Beauty ** Azul and Chop Zuey

This blog some different then other blog I do.  Is for reason.  This blog I want show you beauty.  Beauty can be much things, and so much see them different.  Today I realize some thing that make me look at self in mirror and ask some questions.  Much know I loss parents this year.  It hard on heart and I talk with friend and family much on heart and hurt.  I never wish hurt or pain on any ones.  This pass few week I had know some thing not rite with some one I love and feel is great friend. I ask and they not say any thing wrong.  To day tho I find out I rite, there some thing IS wrong.  This person mean much to me and it hurt they cry lone tears.  Why I say this to you who read blog I rite?

There is much reason.  Please know each avatar have real person at keybord.  This avatar may be much beauty or not but still have person that REAL drive it.  This person mean much to Earth, they have heart, they smiles, they cry, they hurt, they feel anger and some time even feel carefrees.  We not will ever know what tear is cry with out some one tell us.  Treat all with beauty, love and honor.  With out this you never will know if you help, or hurt some one.  You not will know what is step each person take.  Please not be mean or try hurt others.  It not do any good in world.  Anger hurt to.  If feel it, take time for self.  Love, honor and smile and life all ways will be good.


-AZUL- Nayomi in Onyx

Chop Zuey The Fire Dance Set

Moondance Cor De La Bella

Pose: Isomotion


Chop Zuey