Luxe Paris Color Blast Dress

Some time we get great surprise in time of great sadness.  The pass month this have be for me.  I so much honor and happy heart to see old friend and new, I get fun of try for MVW 2016 the get GREAT surprise of represent Japan, the land of my birth.  I had wish do Japan when I try MVW be for but then it all ready had been pick :>  She win and I all ways will say she deserve this big honor.  She earn it.  This time I will try much hard to give same honor and respect to country I will all ways have in heart.

blog 2016 2_001

It was this honor that I get special IM of congrat from friend and great designer Mika Palmyra of LUXE Fashion house.  It had been much time since I visit Luxe so I go over and look.  I kick my self in shin I had not visit be for this!  I want show you some thing that steal my eyes.  It name the Color Blast Dress.  So much design and color it make any eyes turn!  This one I HAD have in closet!  You can know I will be wear this MUCH!  LOVE IT!   Much thanks Miss Mika for open Luxe with others so we can share beauty of items that are design in Luxe Fashion House.   Please take advise from me, and visit there.  The new releases are WOW!  All so if you not have a great swim suit PLEASE Shop!  You will be hottie on grid!


Much love



Blog 727 11 Azul & Moondance

Some say beauty is on out side, some say is in side.  I say beauty live in side of heart and show on each step you take.  It can keep you in smile or make final breath, still all life, all beauty in heart.  With all you meet and make friend each day.  I miss this so much over last months.  I miss friends in SL and family in SL.  I not come on because you see I had sun set in real life for three family member.  First Brother loss life in car accident.  He leave behind small baby and wife who now mean much for me and keep Brothers heart beat here on earth.  Next Father join him.  He have much stress and doctor feel that stress of brother death and all travel we had do at time, put pressures on heart that finally fail.  Father sun have just set and Mother become much sad.  She meet father at age 14 and marry him two year after.  They never miss day of say how much each mean to them.  To see Mother and Father as one I get honor of see love, true love.  This love all so put pain in Mother heart, and make much sad time.  This sad is dark place and it finally take the light of her beauty to this pass June.  Now I live in USA all lone with no RL Family.  It is new life for me and I hope is good one day.  Rite now I wish just keep busy, have friend and keep light happy in heart.  So much sun have set in life for me, is time to have new day.  For new day #1 in SL I wish walk in wear some thing from Miss Mami Jewell of Azul name Abigail.  She make this design for Lexi Project and is for sale there.  All so I put with pretty gown a new set from Kat Carter of Moondance call Meili.  She laugh when I see all new release and go WOW!!!! She say “You see Meili yes?”  It is #1 in favorites for me!  I hope you visit this two store and love new day much as me :>

Much love and so glad be backblog727_001






Mami Jewell



Moondance Jewels Meili Jewely & Nails Set

Kathrin Dassin


BOSL: Love International Style Hunt GREAT FINDS!

BOSL: Love International Style Hunt
Feb 14 – Feb 28
Hunt Items just $25L


Is almost time for more great hunts from your favorite and mine, BOSL!  February 14th  – 28th they present the Love International Style Hunt.  Several top designers in SL have created special items JUST FOR YOU!   As I sit waiting for this fun hunt, I want to show you some of the preview items from three designers.

Love Hunt bosl 1

HCC Berlin Carpet Food Lovers

This carpet has many animations for you and that special someone :>

Designer Name: Heavenly Canucci
Store Name: ..:HC Creations:..

-Crush- Romantic Throw Pillows

3 valentine day theme pillows 100% mesh 1prim each
Store Name: -CRUSH-
Designer Name: NickyMinaj Resident
Store Name: -CRUSH

Demons See Love Too Eyes

A Designer Unisex Mesh eye We went beyond international! To inter realm ^_~ Hot off the Mechima! “Demons See Love Too” Mesh unisex eye!

Store Name: Lone Wolf Studio

Designer Name: Natisu SpiritWeaver

Couples Makeover L.A. Style
*** FEMALE ITEM *** (in photo above)
Mesh Skirt and Top in L.A.’s stylish glitter and stars fashion
*** MALE ITEM *** (in photo below)
Mesh Jacket with ties and shirt. Suitable for wear as a casual outfit with a pair of fashionable jeans or put on some slacks and go to the club. Of course this IS California soooo you could always wear it with surfing shorts and van shoes walking around town!

Designer  Name: MissLucy Resident or ForsakenFallsManager Resident
Store Name: Forsaken Falls



Is time in SL for great events, fun and fashion!  It never stop amaze me the creative art that come in to SL.  Right now we have so much great opportunity and I will show you some of the beauty you can find on SL grid!  The Luxury Haute Couture Fashion Fair have many great finds!


Lotus of The Night Sky Fascinator

First I show you from Chop Zuey the Fascinator collection, amazing design call Lotus of Sky.  Belle Roussel is such talent lady.  I love sleek design with touch of beauty in center of flower with gem.  My accent jewelry also come from Chop Zuey. I pair this dazzle of design with a sneak peek design that you can get at the BOSL Love International Style Hunt open Feb 14 – Feb 28 from Sweet Tea Couture.   The Midnight Baby Doll dress design by Jasmine Fairy is much cute!  It fits perfect and move with me.  Oh so chic!


The Big Dipper Fascinators


Next I show you other design by Miss Belle Roussels Facinators collection called  “The Big Dipper Fascinators”   This easy is a favorite for me, and available just at the Haute Fair!  You need hurry go get these great design!  The unique style of this design will make you stand out.  I pair with Azuls Luana Gown in garnet.  Mami Jewell.  This gown was design for Luana Barzane for the 2014 MVW contest and shows beauty, honor. elegance, and high standard that go hand in hand with MVW.  Elegant gets HOT or Haute!  Make all the Gods jealous!


BELLE BLOG_004-Recovered

The final stop on our grid wide shop trip will show case the talent of Chop Zuey and Giulia Aura, or GIULIADESIGN.  The Solaris Mouth Piece is other part of the Fascinator collection from Chop Zuey.  With orient flair this different style of jewelry is an accessory each lady need have!  I pair with a simple yet stun gown name Aly from a new sponsor for me, GIULIADESIGN.  It have great flow, and I love how mesh folds form this origami style skirt.  The big bow on the back is tradition but is accent with cute fold that tie it in to theme of origami.  I LOVE!  It come in much colors.
Make sure visit these amaze designers and events


Chop Zuey


Haute Fair

SL Top Model Final Challenge & Special Thanks

SL Top Model Challenge 4 was day for the most big cut that they ever do, and last challenge before  final challenge to announce winner.  I had inspiration, and was look forward to this challenge it was base on one of favorites designer, Marko Mitanovski.  He is great designer in my eyes and I love much of what he make.  So this challenge one I was confident on.  It teach me tho some time even if confident, you not get judge vote.  For me, Challenge 4 was final.  Is ok tho I learn much and to me that is so much value.  I am much proud of make it this far, and congratulate all who went to finals.

ammarelo manga_005

I want to share with you my final walk as SL Top Model finalist.  My card say this:

” Marko Mitanovski is an eccentric designer who uses a variety of materials  in a very limited pallet of colors to create amazing designs.  Vera was inspired by this blend of so many different textures in one color to create the design she is presenting.  The flowing fabrics inspired the over sized sleeves  from SoliDea FoliEs.  They also forum a creative neckline that encases the geometrical collar by !Lyrical B!zarre.  The sparkling gown by AMARELO MANGA is accented with a few twists from Mohna Lisa, and SoliDea Folies.  Her one of a kind hair was inspired by Markos signature antler hair style, was customized by EMO-tions own Mirja Mills.  Vera also is proud to show off her make shift Marko Mitanovski claw like gloves made by Moondance Boutique.  She’s completed her look with a mix of Blackliquid Eyewear, Beautiful Delux, and Mons make up and accessories.  An amazing breathtaking look, that is inspired by the signatures in this beautiful fashion line.”

I must say much thanks to some special people.  First for Miss Kathrin Dassin, owner of Moondance Boutique for make the amaze nail I wear.  Marko Mitanovski is famous for the unique glove that look like long nail.  In SL all I had see were ‘claws’ which had fur, and animal skin so I ask Kat, and she come to rescue with this great design you see.

The gown is another amaze creation I have give much thanks to the talent of Miss Luana Barzane of Amarelo Manga.  She make this great creation after I find some thing similar.  The ‘fabric’ come from one of the first gowns I ever buy in SL from her store.  The sparkle of the glow is favorite for me, and she have great talent.  She have such great soul and I say much thanks for this amaze gown that come with glove and hat for match.  Below is what gown look like before I begin style for challenge, and all so what you will soon see in her store for sale!


am 1
All by self it is still amaze gown and I will wear much in future!


One more thing MM is famous for is the way models rl show his design.  Each model have unique hair that resemble antler.  You can imagine how hard this was to find in SL!  But what I end up do is find simple antler in SL and think “oh I just put hair texture on it” Um that dumb idea I find out!  It not as easy as it sound hahaha.  So I leave hair design to the persons who know how make it best. Who best make this style of hair but Emo-tions own Mirja Mills.  Befor this time I never meet Miss Mirja, but now I think she is great lady with beauty in soul and heart.  She step up to help me do what I had think was ‘easy’ do.  I owe much thanks for her help to make this hair.

All ways much thanks to Mr. Dahriel from PosESioN pose who help me with make small changes to poses!


With all help I get I owe thanks, and say sorry I not do good to get pick.  I had try hard and love design.  I still not know of any thing I have change if had other chance.  With end of SL Top Model, I had take small brake from SL. Much know all of change I had in SL, may be it take toll but I ready try smile again.  Thank you for each friend I have that give love and friendship, smiles and hugs.  You make this time more easy to go thru.  Much thanks for each designer, you gift your talent so much for everyone to have great styles.  Not just designer who help me here, there are so much in SL that do hard work, with amaze talent and never get mention, so here I say, MUCH MUCH MUCH thanks to you all!  You make special times like this sparkle like diamond. In end I have give big congrats to Bloodymistress who win SL Top Model.  She is amaze model and friend, congrats!

Much thanks, love and BIG BIG


[AMARELO MANGA] – Dress Miss Vera Fenutzini
Angel Designs (VFD): A hint of powder Face makeup
Antler Hair Modified by Mirja Mills
blackLiquid EYEWEAR – FELINE
Eshi Otawara  –  Marie Gown
!Lyrical B!zarre Templates! – Floweret
Mohna Lisa Couture  – Tatiana Black and White
MONS / Makeups – black eyeliner
Moondance Boutique Diamond Nites
*SoliDea FoliEs* Lust

Ghee ‘n Chop Zuey Beauty in Colors

Beauty flows in much colors with Ghee and Chop Zuey.  This gown is make from  ghee Spiked Corset  Colour Change and Spiked Mermaid Skirt (Liquid Mesh) which premier at Fashion for Life event. What make this design so unique is the flow of color that change one design into much different ones!  Yes the photo you see  below is ONE design!  I not change one time.  This flow of color make it perfect match to any great accessory.   I add the Spiked Sandals and Collar to give great color flow.  They to change colors!  Miss Beatrice Serendipity design this unique collection which may be you now think ‘Why I not get this??’ and be sad that FFL finish.  Well, Miss Bea tell me secret that I tell you now… The Colour Change Spiked Set will be available in the Ghee Store SOON!  Keep check in store and some day soon you will get opportunity to own this beauty design.

gizza ghee blog_001


When I think of color flow, it make think of waves and beauty.  What best go with flow and beauty than Chop Zueys “Sailing to Byzantium’ jeweled hat.  This hat is special to the Art in Hats event.

chop zuey


This design is one when I see it take breath.  It so detail and fill with jewels like Aquamarines, Garnets, Padparadscha Sapphires, and Kalahari Diamonds!  Each color of the rainbow here with the beauty of oceans.  With in detail of this hat, you can read words that say so much.  I will give you peek ” ….and therefore I have sailed the seas and come to the holy city of Byzantium…and be the singing-masters of my soul, Consume my heart sick with desire…or set upon a golden bough to sing to lords and ladies of Byzantium”

You will enjoy these designs

Much love



Ghee Store:

Chop Zuey Store:

Art In Hats Event:



FFC July Poster for Sl


Welcome to Flora’s Fashion Contest, or, FFC July 2014!
There will be two rounds –

First round – The first round will be a Flickr based round and open to all applicants. Applicants must join the following group:

Round one:
Style Challenge for round is below. Style yourself, mix and match. Be creative!! Please submit one head shot and one full body shot-Named as FFC July Fullbody (Your name) & FFC July Headshot (Your name)
The deadline for submitting your entry is 22nd July,2014. The judges will review all the entries before coming to a decision on or before 24th July 2014, deciding who will be the three lucky contestants.

More on Round one :-

***Styling Challenge For Round One :-Style your outfit only using jewelery items like necklaces,earrings,bracelets,etc etc.NO clothing item should be used in your outfit only jewelery items.Use Jewelery items as your clothing***

Description/Style card required:
When submitting your outfit pictures you must give a Style card of your styling in the description part of the Image as well. Please include all the styled parts, outfit, shoes, accessories, etc.

Rules on mixing and matching:
If you use the same designer but two or more different outfits, you must mention all the outfits by name and what parts are used from each outfit.

If you use different designers, you must mention all the outfits by name and what parts are used from each outfit. Minimum of two different designers.



Round two/Finals:
Where the lucky three will present their final styling live before the judges on 26th July,2014 12 noon SLT

More on Round two/Finals-
The final theme will be given to the 3 winning entrants on  26th July 1 hour before the event starts.You will have 1 hour to style yourself according to the theme.You  will need to present an expanded description of the outfit and why you have selected it.  You will also need to do a one paragraph bio, written as a third party, (max 200 words). The hostess will be reading these out as you present the styling to the judges.

Final round judging will be based on the following:

1. Style: Your creativity, the outfit, etc. You must show how well you can coordinate and match accessories, etc.

2. Runway: The poses you select must be fitting and complimentary for the outfit chosen and be realistic. They should be smooth and graceful (points will be deducted for choppy/inappropriate poses).

3. Walk: Your walk must be suitable for a model and the outfit. E.g, Don’t use a full skirt walk if you are not wearing a full skirt. Straight lines when on a straight runway.

4. Editing: Your ability to edit your prims and outfit is important. Everything should be fitted correctly. Hair-can’t be in ears, jewelry – can’t be in body parts and so on. The slightest imperfection can make or break you and affect your chances for going to the next round.  You must wear a hair base that coordinates with your hair.

To the deserving winners, the prizes will be as follows:
1st place
•An exclusive outfit from Romance Couture or LD Homme
•A professional headshot from Miss Angeli Optera
•A full body shot from Miss Polly Elan
•A class at L’Amour
•A giftcard from Finesmith worth L$3000
•A giftcard from ModaMia worth L$3000
•A giftcard from KL Couture worth L$2000
•A giftcard from Ydea worth L$2000
•A giftcard from Hawker’s House worth L$1000
•A choice of 3 outfits from Romance Couture
•A choice of 3 outfits from Yasum
•Picture on the official website and Picture on the next FFC Poster
•Elite Package (24 Mystery Boxes Large design care polish Large enchanted broom Empire Summer all Worth 12,500L)
From Charmed Breedable Fashions

2nd place
•A giftcard from Finesmith worth L$2000
•A giftcard from ModaMia worth L$2000
•A giftcard from KL Couture worth L$1200
•A giftcard from Ydea worth L$1000
•A giftcard from Hawker’s House worth L$750
•A choice of 2 outfits from Romance Couture
•A choice of 2 outfits from Yasum
•Elite Package (24 Mystery Boxes Large design care polish Large enchanted broom Empire Summer all Worth 12,500L)
From Charmed Breedable Fashions

3rd place
•A giftcard from Finesmith worth L$1000
•A giftcard from ModaMia worth L$1000
•A giftcard from KL Couture worth L$1000
•A giftcard from Ydea worth L$500
•A giftcard from Hawker’s House worth L$500
•A choice of 1 outfit from Romance Couture
•A choice of 1 outfit from Yasum
•Elite Package (24 Mystery Boxes Large design care polish Large enchanted broom Empire Summer all Worth 12,500L)
From Charmed Breedable Fashions

There is a lot to win and nothing to lose so give it a shot and choose! Please remember to say thank you to the sponsors for their lovely contributions when you visit them.


Location for next show will be at AIM

Contestants will be sent the LM to the back stage prior to the event.  You will also receive an invitation to send to your friends and family to come cheer you on.

So we at FFC hope to see you there and wish you good luck!