It hit runway today! BOSL Fashion Week 2015!  Beauty begin and unfold with great new design and much talent to show just for you!  It is honor I get pick to blog for BOSL Fashion Week so here we start with fun of this event! Oct 24th – 31st  and each day will feature great show for you!

BOSL FW 2015 01_001

I begin with Rayne design call Woman in Black.  This perfect design for Halloween and for Gothic style.  Is sexy yet simple.  The flower on hip form skirt that tease innocent but all know lady who wear this any thing but innocent!  Design come with great face shield and cute flower attachments.  It not just for Halloween!    We race to BOSL Fashion Week!


Blog #4 Dot-Be & Fashion Weeks

Is such fun when Fashion Week hit New York! One of favorite time of year for me RL. Fun get add this year when BLVD agency say “Vera! You get pick walk in SLs Fashion Weeks Shows!” So happy! RL I never get walk in such show, SL YES! What fun! We have Fashion Week show around world. It open in Paris so I start blog to day on Paris. Just like SL Fashion week!


A sexy chic clothe that new from Dot-Be Fashion is call Takito. Mesh that look real, is pant and jacket with hood. Is good for that model that not need all fan chase down or person who wish look like haute model! I LOVE this clothe! Take me a way to FASHION WEEK and Dot Be! YAY!