** Beauty ** Azul and Chop Zuey

This blog some different then other blog I do.  Is for reason.  This blog I want show you beauty.  Beauty can be much things, and so much see them different.  Today I realize some thing that make me look at self in mirror and ask some questions.  Much know I loss parents this year.  It hard on heart and I talk with friend and family much on heart and hurt.  I never wish hurt or pain on any ones.  This pass few week I had know some thing not rite with some one I love and feel is great friend. I ask and they not say any thing wrong.  To day tho I find out I rite, there some thing IS wrong.  This person mean much to me and it hurt they cry lone tears.  Why I say this to you who read blog I rite?

There is much reason.  Please know each avatar have real person at keybord.  This avatar may be much beauty or not but still have person that REAL drive it.  This person mean much to Earth, they have heart, they smiles, they cry, they hurt, they feel anger and some time even feel carefrees.  We not will ever know what tear is cry with out some one tell us.  Treat all with beauty, love and honor.  With out this you never will know if you help, or hurt some one.  You not will know what is step each person take.  Please not be mean or try hurt others.  It not do any good in world.  Anger hurt to.  If feel it, take time for self.  Love, honor and smile and life all ways will be good.


-AZUL- Nayomi in Onyx

Chop Zuey The Fire Dance Set

Moondance Cor De La Bella

Pose: Isomotion

Azul  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/joia%20azul/128/128/28

Chop Zuey  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chop%20Zuey/48/139/26

Moondance  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angels/63/45/22

Isomotion  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jaffee/25/252/1251


SL Top Model Final Challenge & Special Thanks

SL Top Model Challenge 4 was day for the most big cut that they ever do, and last challenge before  final challenge to announce winner.  I had inspiration, and was look forward to this challenge it was base on one of favorites designer, Marko Mitanovski.  He is great designer in my eyes and I love much of what he make.  So this challenge one I was confident on.  It teach me tho some time even if confident, you not get judge vote.  For me, Challenge 4 was final.  Is ok tho I learn much and to me that is so much value.  I am much proud of make it this far, and congratulate all who went to finals.

ammarelo manga_005

I want to share with you my final walk as SL Top Model finalist.  My card say this:

” Marko Mitanovski is an eccentric designer who uses a variety of materials  in a very limited pallet of colors to create amazing designs.  Vera was inspired by this blend of so many different textures in one color to create the design she is presenting.  The flowing fabrics inspired the over sized sleeves  from SoliDea FoliEs.  They also forum a creative neckline that encases the geometrical collar by !Lyrical B!zarre.  The sparkling gown by AMARELO MANGA is accented with a few twists from Mohna Lisa, and SoliDea Folies.  Her one of a kind hair was inspired by Markos signature antler hair style, was customized by EMO-tions own Mirja Mills.  Vera also is proud to show off her make shift Marko Mitanovski claw like gloves made by Moondance Boutique.  She’s completed her look with a mix of Blackliquid Eyewear, Beautiful Delux, and Mons make up and accessories.  An amazing breathtaking look, that is inspired by the signatures in this beautiful fashion line.”

I must say much thanks to some special people.  First for Miss Kathrin Dassin, owner of Moondance Boutique for make the amaze nail I wear.  Marko Mitanovski is famous for the unique glove that look like long nail.  In SL all I had see were ‘claws’ which had fur, and animal skin so I ask Kat, and she come to rescue with this great design you see.

The gown is another amaze creation I have give much thanks to the talent of Miss Luana Barzane of Amarelo Manga.  She make this great creation after I find some thing similar.  The ‘fabric’ come from one of the first gowns I ever buy in SL from her store.  The sparkle of the glow is favorite for me, and she have great talent.  She have such great soul and I say much thanks for this amaze gown that come with glove and hat for match.  Below is what gown look like before I begin style for challenge, and all so what you will soon see in her store for sale!


am 1
All by self it is still amaze gown and I will wear much in future!


One more thing MM is famous for is the way models rl show his design.  Each model have unique hair that resemble antler.  You can imagine how hard this was to find in SL!  But what I end up do is find simple antler in SL and think “oh I just put hair texture on it” Um that dumb idea I find out!  It not as easy as it sound hahaha.  So I leave hair design to the persons who know how make it best. Who best make this style of hair but Emo-tions own Mirja Mills.  Befor this time I never meet Miss Mirja, but now I think she is great lady with beauty in soul and heart.  She step up to help me do what I had think was ‘easy’ do.  I owe much thanks for her help to make this hair.

All ways much thanks to Mr. Dahriel from PosESioN pose who help me with make small changes to poses!


With all help I get I owe thanks, and say sorry I not do good to get pick.  I had try hard and love design.  I still not know of any thing I have change if had other chance.  With end of SL Top Model, I had take small brake from SL. Much know all of change I had in SL, may be it take toll but I ready try smile again.  Thank you for each friend I have that give love and friendship, smiles and hugs.  You make this time more easy to go thru.  Much thanks for each designer, you gift your talent so much for everyone to have great styles.  Not just designer who help me here, there are so much in SL that do hard work, with amaze talent and never get mention, so here I say, MUCH MUCH MUCH thanks to you all!  You make special times like this sparkle like diamond. In end I have give big congrats to Bloodymistress who win SL Top Model.  She is amaze model and friend, congrats!

Much thanks, love and BIG BIG


[AMARELO MANGA] – Dress Miss Vera Fenutzini
Angel Designs (VFD): A hint of powder Face makeup
Antler Hair Modified by Mirja Mills
blackLiquid EYEWEAR – FELINE
Eshi Otawara  –  Marie Gown
!Lyrical B!zarre Templates! – Floweret
Mohna Lisa Couture  – Tatiana Black and White
MONS / Makeups – black eyeliner
Moondance Boutique Diamond Nites
*SoliDea FoliEs* Lust


It have be such a wonderful trip so far!  Much close to the edge, shake with fear, then jump for joy.  Happy and smile for those who make it, and sad heart for the ones who not get pick.  I talk to you of the Second Life Top Model Contest 2014.   Yes I am push my self much more.  You know I LOVE challenge, I love hard work and it just MUCH MUCH FUN!.  When I try out for SL Top Model I think, Oh they not ever will pick me.  Still I get opportunity do Challenge 1 and it was mix of Amato and Chanel.

TMC CH1_006 TMC CH1_007



At end of Challenge 1 the judge each pick some one to go to Challenge 2.  Guess who get pick!!!  YES!!! I had think “May be you can do #2 Challenge” Then they say to us, “we not give you challenge un till 2 hour be for event.  We had 2 hour to style, pose, and do nc!!!! I have say tho when I see it was Stemepunk I was reliefs.  I had a foundation that I work from and so it go smooth for me in prepare.

steam 2Snapshot_002

When Judges pick, I all most cry when the #1 name that get pick was me.  I had get opportunity to go to Challenge #3!!!!  There so much good Model I was in Shock!!


For Challenge #3 we get to style emotion.   With what I have deal with recent I decide to do heart break, sadness and pain.  My inspiration personal.  Just 15 will make it thru Challenge 15, and luck not with me like on Challenge 2.  Just oposite, I #15 to be pick.  I had all ready start congratulate others, know that I had fail on design I had feel much confident with.  It just confuse me, and last pick, me.


I happy and sad all in one.  I had friend that stand beside me when there 1 spot left, and it gift to me.  I had want share, but it is not opportunity to share.  What can share is love, goodness, and friendship that grow in each challenge.  Much love and luck for all, >hug< Vera


Designer Credits:


Mami Jewell of Azul

Nathalia Topaz of Topazia

Joy Fellini of Fellini Couture

Marisa Kira of D!va Hair

Amutey DeCuir of Bliss Couture

Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey
Zuri Lyric of LaZuri

Aida Ewing of Glam Affair

Blackliquid Tokyoska of Blackliquid

Monica Outlander of Miamai

Kathrin Dassin of Moondance Boutique



CH 2

Wasabi Pills
Deathly Rock
:: PM ::
~Black Arts~
Moondance Animated gears
drd Armor
O-Zone –
Vera Fenutzini Designs



CH 3

*Bliss Couture*
Eshi Otawara
Madrid Solo