Welcome Hawkers House to Veras Blog

I love get new IM say “Hi Vera We wish you consider blog for us!”  Some time I have say no but this time was friend.  He ask me if I consider blog for Hawkers House.  They have words “Hawker’s House…quality clothing for men and women, at affordable prices” and it much true words!  If you never have visit this store, you need try shop by!  They have much great design for man or woman and much item for every day wear.  Today I show you peek in to new designer I welcome to Veras Blog.

hh blog_001

This is new item they release is call Simplicity Tee in Gray and Skirted Leggings in Camo.  Both cute design make of mesh.  and fit perfect.  I add in  the OhmEga Mesh Wedge Boots in Ebony. Good for day fill in rain or day with sun in sky.  Fun clothe for fun ladys!  There is much design you can get 1 or all colors.

Welcome for Hawkers House!



Luxe Paris Color Blast Dress

Some time we get great surprise in time of great sadness.  The pass month this have be for me.  I so much honor and happy heart to see old friend and new, I get fun of try for MVW 2016 the get GREAT surprise of represent Japan, the land of my birth.  I had wish do Japan when I try MVW be for but then it all ready had been pick :>  She win and I all ways will say she deserve this big honor.  She earn it.  This time I will try much hard to give same honor and respect to country I will all ways have in heart.

blog 2016 2_001

It was this honor that I get special IM of congrat from friend and great designer Mika Palmyra of LUXE Fashion house.  It had been much time since I visit Luxe so I go over and look.  I kick my self in shin I had not visit be for this!  I want show you some thing that steal my eyes.  It name the Color Blast Dress.  So much design and color it make any eyes turn!  This one I HAD have in closet!  You can know I will be wear this MUCH!  LOVE IT!   Much thanks Miss Mika for open Luxe with others so we can share beauty of items that are design in Luxe Fashion House.   Please take advise from me, and visit there.  The new releases are WOW!  All so if you not have a great swim suit PLEASE Shop!  You will be hottie on grid!



Much love


#10 Blog – Floras Fashion Contest Winner

It such excite last nite when final list come out of top three of Floras Fashion Dress Up Contest for March, and I see my name there! These ladys make it to top 3!
1.Lira Savira
2. Vera Fenutzini
We each put in photo for be consider.  I put in this photo and inspire for it was fashion from a time and era over 5 year back.  This what I do:

and long body photo is this


I chose this clothe design for vintage Paris designs.  This style clothe was much popular in early 1900s and many ladies feel like true beauty queen when wear it.  I love velvet and lace look, also with feathers and hat.  It all ways have been favorite for me.

I was much fill with excite but scare to for top three challenge.  We each get ‘angel’ that we have style but all so put in twist of Mardi Gras.  Angel I get was Marina-The angel of water and marine creatures ,ocean,sea etc and everything related to water.  That make me happy.  I love ocean and water.  So I begin style much late at nite, and have small time to day to work on clothe.  I modify some clothe, and make some clothe, and design this.  I hope you like!  It was excite to be name winner. This my inspiration of Marina.   >hug< Vera!



Blog #4 Dot-Be & Fashion Weeks

Is such fun when Fashion Week hit New York! One of favorite time of year for me RL. Fun get add this year when BLVD agency say “Vera! You get pick walk in SLs Fashion Weeks Shows!” So happy! RL I never get walk in such show, SL YES! What fun! We have Fashion Week show around world. It open in Paris so I start blog to day on Paris. Just like SL Fashion week!


A sexy chic clothe that new from Dot-Be Fashion is call Takito. Mesh that look real, is pant and jacket with hood. Is good for that model that not need all fan chase down or person who wish look like haute model! I LOVE this clothe! Take me a way to FASHION WEEK and Dot Be! YAY!